Our Story


In the early 1920's, 175 S. Main Street in Suffield, CT was a local grocery and butcher shop.  Many years down the road, sister duo Paula & Tamara fell in love with the space and renovated every square inch of the interior.  They carefully prepared the property to host their little dream shop, Pentimento.  Filling it with flowers, plants and eclectic items from their world travels, 175 S. Main quickly became a well known boutique in town.  Both women were Suffield residents and spent the majority of 30 years of their life devoted to the world of floral design.  

Stop in and you'll find the Pentimento way is fully alive and well! Our flowers are still hand picked at the Boston & NY Market.  Local growers are supplying us the best blooms in peak season and it's not uncommon to see one of our designers on the side of the road, cutting random wild flowers or branches.  The well-known French inspired and artistic style of Pentimento is what we gravitate towards daily.  

Pentimento continues to focus on corporate events, home celebrations, weddings and holidays, but we're always available to create something magical for any one who asks. We hope to see you in our little shop soon!